Smokey skies over Washington

This was the view outside my door this morning with wildfires filling the sky with smoke and ash.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Wishing everyone many blessings today. A bountiful table and time with family (even if it is over the phone or by e-mail).


Humans v. Cats–Training

Stuart on top of the world

They look innocent enough. Cats. Soft, cuddly dictators is what they are. Our cats have decided we should get up at 5 a.m. to feed them each day. We prefer rising at 7. We’ve been working to resolve this small difference of opinion for a little while now. (Okay–it’s been a couple of years). And […]


Apple pie for breakfast! That’s my idea of the breakfast of champions. I have no idea whether it is based in truth, but in the movie–Edison, The Man, the great inventor loved apple pie for breakfast. To my mind this makes apple pie brain food. Alas, I am aware of all the calories in pie […]


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