Snow-melty rain

Rain splashing the stoop

This morning’s rain turned the dog walk into a splashy puddle-wonderful event. Lots of water over dwindling snow drifts and diminishing ice patches. Fun!     It’s not quite spring.   Water–drips, then flows with the melting ice.     I know there will be more winter to come, but I love the little melty […]


Sort of Haiku: City Rain


I’m starting a new feature on this blog. My plan is to write a quasi-haiku each week. Real haiku takes years of study. It’s an art. All I”m doing here is playing with words for fun and as a writing exercise. I invite you to play along. I’ll try to write a haiku to post […]


Stormy Montevideo

This is what the weather is supposed to be like in May–rainy and cold. We’re in the southern hemisphere, so May is like November in the north. Well, sort of. It doesn’t ever get as cold here as it can get in Montana in November. At least I’ve never felt truly cold. We did get […]